Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

Everyone wants to live independently, it’s a life stage that is often difficult for people with a disability to achieve, whether that is based on appropriate accessible accommodation or the supports required. That’s where Thrive 365 come is.

Our team of supported independent living specialists support people of all ages and needs live their lives to the fullest while remaining independent. This support program is different than many others in that we do just as much as what is needed of us, while still allowing our participants to do what they can do on their own.

This approach enables our participants to feel like they live a fulfilled life andare in control of their lives.

Support independent services from Thrive365 include:

· Help to get ready for the day

· Help with household chores

· Travel support

· Food preparation and meals

· Health and fitness support

· Gardening help

· And much more!

We’re proud to offer flexible, individualized solutions that fit the needs of many community members of all ages and physical and emotional needs.

If you or your loved one ready to continue living life to the fullest while also receiving the assistance they need, get in touch with us today to learn more about our programs.

The Thrive 365 Difference

You have many choices in Daily Assisted Living Support, but we are the number one choice for a few reasons:

· Qualified and certified staff with experience that counts.

· Flexible services to match your needs.

· High standards for quality of service.

We develop a support team around you.

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